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  • Open daily, from 8:00am to 6:00pm (closed Sundays and Mondays)
  • We are working with live animals who need special care and attention so drop off and pick up times vary. Please call for more information.
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Liz Edmond, MGBS


Liz is the owner and founder of Jinx Merlot Pet Grooming.  She has been a Certified Pet Groomer for 18 years starting at just 17 years old at a local pet store.  She knew she wanted to work with animals but had no idea where that one decision of becoming a bather would take her.  It has become a lifelong passion to make sure dogs and cats have the most comforting grooming experience they can have.  She has had countless hours of training in grooming.  She has taken certification courses online and attended countless hours of education at different grooming conventions to stay up to date.  She received her diploma from Whole Pet Academy as an MGBS (Master Groomer Behavior Specialist) studying dog behavior and different training techniques to ensure your pet has the most relaxing experience they can have.  She has taken Iv San Bernard esthetician courses and is in the process of becoming a Certified Pet Esthetician.  She has dedicated her life to expanding her knowledge on grooming, dog behavior, and skin/coat health with the result being her salon, Jinx Merlot Pet Grooming.  We use the most innovative technology and techniques to create a safe and loving environment for your pet.  You can follow Liz and the team on Facebook at Jinx Merlot Pet Grooming, on Instagram @jinxmerlotllc, and on TikTok @jinxmerlot.

"I highly recommend Liz and Jinx Merlot Pet Grooming. Liz takes such great care of my fur babies and has since they were 10 weeks old.  She truly loves animals and is so accommodating and gracious with their different personalities.  She is such a blessing and we are so thankful for her!"

"Liz Edmond is one of the most kind, professional and caring people I know. My Sugar adores her, would never go to anyone else."

"Absolutely the most wonderful groomer on the planet! She genuinely loves all pets and does everything to make sure they feel safe while being groomed. She goes above and beyond for my pups and I'll follow her to the edge of the earth!"

Randi C.

Brittany S.

Amanda B.

Monica Bronson


Monica's love for dogs and cats spurred her to find a job where she can work with them every day.  Coming from an insurance background, she has been with Jinx Merlot since the opening of the store in 2021 and has mentored to be a groomer under Liz for 2 years.  She has been professionally grooming for about 1 year and has amazing natural talent.  She has attended multiple grooming conventions to stay up to date on all the latest tips and tricks for grooming and is Safety and CPR certified.  She is passionate about making all her fur clients look the absolute best they can look and has a passion for perfecting her scissoring skills so she can be at the top of her game.  Her Instagram is @monicasuegrooming.  You can follow her there to see pictures of your babies!

Photo Gallery

Please Note:  Appointments cannot be made online.  You must call to schedule an appointment!

Laurette Valdez


Laurette started her grooming journey at PetSmart as a bather for 2 years.  She then went to PetSmart Academy and has been a Certified Pet Groomer for 7 years.  She joined the Jinx Merlot team to mentor with Liz and to further expand her grooming knowledge.  She is CPR/Safety Certified and attends grooming conventions every year to stay up to date on grooming techniques and trends.  She loves to learn new things and enjoys expressing her creative side through the grooming process.  She is currently working on her creative grooming skills and having so much fun!  Her Instagram is @laurettesgrooming and her TikTok is @groomingbylaurette.  You can follow her there to see pictures of your fur babies!

Ginnie Potts, CCE


Ginnie attended Paragon Grooming School and has been grooming for about 3 years.  She is CCE certified (Certified Canine Esthetician) and CPR/Safety certified.  She has goals of becoming NDGAA and ISCC certified as well.  She has taken mastery seminars to enhance her scissoring skills, taken classes at grooming conventions, as well as mentoring in the show world with a notable show groomer.  She is a professional hand stripper and currently accepts new hand stripping clients.  She attends dog shows regularly and she has a passion for furthering her education and learning as much as possible.  She also loves to dabble in creative grooming as well.  Her Instagram and TikTok are @ginnierayegrooming where she loves to post your pet in the most fashionable trends.  Head on over to Instagram and TikTok to follow her there!


Jade opened Jinx Merlot with Liz as a groomer in training and has now been grooming for 2 years.  She attends grooming conventions to advance her career and is Safety and CPR certified.  She has the love and patience that dogs need as well as the passion for her craft.  She loves creative grooming and practices on her own doodle whenever she gets the chance.  She loves to stop in the middle of her grooms to take hug breaks for your babies.  All the dogs love her and her cuddling expertise!  Jade's Instagram and TikTok handles are @jadeclaregrooming.  You can go follow her there to see pictures of your fur babies!

Jade Raiten

At Jinx Merlot we are a group of passionate animal lovers dedicated to the quality care and treatment of your pet. We provide a safe space filled with love and compassion for each uniquely different fur baby.  We use the highest quality products, tools, education and equipment available to ensure your pet's healthiest self.  We want to give every pet the care and love they deserve and every client the customer service and trust they deserve when leaving their fur babies with us.  Our client’s pets become our pets and are treated that way.

Haley Shindoll

Groomer in Training

Haley got her start in the pet care world at a boarding facility where she attended Paragon Grooming School.  She is passionate about the science and the “why” behind how we take care of our pets’ skin and coat, so naturally she found her way to Jinx Merlot where she is currently working on becoming a Certified Canine Esthetician.  Haley is also a full-time pet parent, so when she isn’t found studying, she is usually running with her pups, or playing with her cats and reptiles!  Haley enjoys volunteering at local shelters to help dogs who are looking for a new family.  Ask her what she enjoys most about animal-kind and she’ll tell you “I grew up idolizing Corwin, Irwin, and the Kratts, so no matter where I go in life, I am certain that I will end up always deeply involved in the welfare of peoples’ pets and wildlife alike!"  Haley loves sharing her work with dogs on her Instagram!  You can join her on Instagram @haleysdiscodoggies for a groovy time!

Kayla knew since she was young that she wanted to work with and help animals.  The opportunity to work with them presented itself to her when she got a position as a bather in a corporate salon setting.  There she was able to learn how to bathe and safely handle dogs.  She then took a job opportunity at a smaller, more personal salon where she was able to learn more about grooming and to become Fear Free Certified.  This certification allowed her to learn different ways to calm and guide a fearful dog through the grooming process.  She craved more training so in July of 2023, she came to study here at Jinx Merlot, mentoring under Liz.  She is now our bather, learning all about the skin and coat, and the different techniques she didn't have the opportunity to learn elsewhere.  She will soon move into a groomer-in-training so that she can follow her passion for grooming!  You can find her on Instagram @doggroomerkiwi to see pictures of your fur babies!

Kayla Rinaldi, FFC

Bath Tech


Our Latest Technology!

Jinx Merlot has invested in a Thera-Clean Microbubbles machine!  This machine is designed to take your bath to the next level.  Normal baths clean the surface of the skin, but this machine allows the water to penetrate deep into the pore to give a deeper clean than ever before.

The microbubbles used in this machine are smaller than a red blood cell, travel into the pore and pop using negative ion energy to remove all of the dirt and build up from inside the dog's pore.  It also helps to bring blood circulation back to different areas of the body which can sometimes improve mobility and give dogs who have arthritis some relief.

The cleaning power of the Thera-Clean is versatile, from doing a basic deep clean, providing a luxurious spa experience for healthy skin, to helping with allergies, to helping heal ear infections, atopic dermatitis, deep secondary infections, yeast infections, and so much more!

This machine combined with our IV San Bernard products give another meaning to healthy skin and coat. For more information, visit our Info page by CLICKING HERE.

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